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Security Doors and Grilles

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The Alumatin range of Aluminium and Steel Security Doors and Grilles are the perfect way to protect your home from intruders.

They are also a great way to stop the pesky insects from entering your home whilst ensuring you get plenty of fresh air throughout the house.

We offer a large range of Security Door and Window Grille Colours and Designs.

From the Classic Aluminium Diamond Grille and all the way to the latest Aluminium Perforated Mesh Design you are sure to find the perfect Security Door for your home.

We also stock a large range of Colonial Design and Stainless Steel Mesh Security Doors and Grilles.

The Alumatin range of Security Doors and Grilles feature an aluminium frame that is corrosion resistant and will keep its fresh look for years to come.

All Alumatin Security Doors are custom made to ensure they fit and function perfectly in any situation.

+61 3 8361 9111 33 Barclay Rd,Derrimut 3030,Victoria
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